Son, you are my role model

When I was growing up I did not have a role model.

Many times I wished to have access to a living – flesh and bones – role model to guide me to make the right choices and do the right things.

Marco, son, I have finally found my role model: you are my role model.

When I am present to you, I see a young man who:

  1. knows what he stands for in this life;
  2. stands up for what he believes in – taking the road that is less travelled, facing the consequences;
  3. does what he needs to do, endures what he needs to endure to get the outcome he has set for himself;
  4. stays calm even when faced with criticism, anger, put-downs and intimidation;
  5. is courageous – does what he wants / is committed to even when faced with ridicule;
  6. is lighthearted, forgiving, kind, caring and loving.

Son, you amaze me.

Son, you inspire me to be a better human being.

Son, you are a living example of the kind of human being that I wish to be.

Son, I consider it a privilege to be your father.

I thank you for being in my life.  I love you.

Author: Maz Iqbal

Management consultant. Working at the intersection of the Customer, the Enterprise, and Technology. Deep interest in human existence. Disposed favourably to the Existentialist stand. Penchant for originals and original thinking, as well as stimulating thinking and rocking the boat. Otherwise, thoroughly ordinary.

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