The world is only as wondrous as I am open to see the wonder of it

Yesterday, as a family, we went to visit Greys Court for the afternoon.  In total there were five of us and I am confident that each of us experienced the ‘place’ according to ourselves.  Put differently, each of us experienced ourselves.    This became obvious to me as soon as I gave Clea (who is ten years old) a camera and she dived into the world around her. Here are some examples:

a. Where I saw a weed Clea saw a beautiful flower:

b.  Where I saw tiny dying (insignificant) Bluebells Clea marvelled at the wonder of these Bluebells

c.  Where I saw nothing Clea saw beauty everywhere – in a T-shirt, in a set of buttons on her mothers top, in the grass:

Lessons Learnt

My already existing, always, way of being is not open to wonder.  It simply is not.  And so I miss the beauty, the wonder, of what is present around me in the simplest things.  If I approached the world, from the context, that my daughter approaches it then I would experience the beauty of the world that she experiences.  I am totally up for that.

I need to start somewhere so I will become an ‘Apprentice in Wonder’ to my Clea by looking at the world through her eyes.  That means giving her a camera so that she can capture what she sees and share that with me.  It also means being open to the new.

I have started a (daily) gratitude journal to enable me to capture one aspect of the wonder/beauty of this world that I simply miss because I do not look for it / am not present to it as I take it for granted.  You can find it here:

4 thoughts on “The world is only as wondrous as I am open to see the wonder of it”

  1. Maz,
    Greetings on Blog#3 :) You might end up writing a new version of 1000Awesome things…

    I do not remember the details, but there is a story about a CEO of a store chain who forced his stuff to walk on their knees, to view the shop from the eyes of a child. The camera concept is brilliant, as it gives you a look into Clea’s world – both external (what she sees) and inside (what she cares about).



  2. Hello Arie
    I thank you for your good wishes and apologise for my later reply. I also thank you for pointing me towards the 1000 Awesome things – I had not come across it before.

    The camera thing is really working out well. Clea sees beauty in the most amazing things. Stuff that I simply take for granted like seashells. And it is amazing how they look when photographed up close!

    All the best my friend


  3. Lesson learnt indeed! Beautiful photos. :-)
    You never fail to amaze me Maz!
    Thanks for being you!


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