About The Author

I am an ordinary human being – one amongst 7 billion people on this planet. And thus insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

If there is a difference worth mentioning then it is this. Around the age of ten I was struggling to make sense of my existence given I was living in two different cultures: the English one at school, and the Pakistani one at home.

This brought on the most liberating insight: “It’s all made up! That which is made by man can be unmade by man. So I am free to choose to make my life as I wish it to be!” Since that time I have travelled my own path. You can call me a maverick, you can call me a rebel, you can call me an oddball. All have merit.

The following by Existentialist philosopher by Jose Ortega y Gassett is that which `I seek to live from/by:

“The stone and the tiger have no choice of life. The stone must gravitate and tiger must pounce. Only human beings are faced with the mind-boggling responsibility of having to choose, at each and every moment of their lives, what to do and what to be. It is both a necessity and an invitation.”

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