About These Conversations

clea iqbal in school uniformI dedicate the conversations that appear on this site to my daughter, Clea Iqbal, for she is the source of all the conversations.

Ever since she was a little girl, I would stop by her bedroom to check where she was at, and to read her a bedtime story.  We loved reading The Gruffalo together. Yet, what she particularly liked was the ‘wisdom stories’ – she couldn’t get enough of them. I often had to decline her request to tell her “just one more story!”

One day she made a request of me along these lines: “Papa you are so good at these wisdom stories. Why don’t you write a book? That way I can carry these stories with me.”  This request gripped me as my daughter is and always has been precious to me.

After careful consideration, I chose to share whatever ‘wisdom’ I have to share by setting up this website/blog.  This way she has access to this ‘wisdom’ through her smartphone.

I hope one or more of my fellow human beings may find some of these conversations useful in handling that which shows up on that which we have in common – the ‘space’ between birth and death: existence, human existence.