On gentleness, precision and letting go: delivers results on the tennis court

Whilst reading Pema Chodron’s The Wisdom of No Escape I came across the concepts of Gentleness, Precision and Letting Go.  And I have sought to absorb these concepts into daily living.

When I normally play tennis I automatically hit or strive to hit the ball as hard as I can and still get it into the court.  Also I strive to win every single shot.  The result – whether I win or lose – is that I tend to be critical of myself during the game and exhausted at the end of it.

Today on the court I focussed on the tennis ball.  In particular playing the ball with Gentleness and Precision.  And Letting Go of any ambition to have the ball move at a certain speed or the desire to win the point.  I noticed that I was not at all tired, that I enjoyed the game, that the shots that I would typically find difficult simply played themselves.  And I was totally relaxed all through the game and at the end of it. The whole game had been ‘effortless effort’.

So that got me thinking what would be possible for me, for you, for all of us if we lived our lives with Gentleness (towards ourselves and others), Precision and Letting Go of the need to have life work out exactly the way that we want and need to have it work out.  Is it possibly that we could then allow ease and joy enter our lives?